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Low Cost QROPS search – How to navigate the minefield of options

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Tips to avoid costly mistakes: Tailor the solution to your requirements; locate the best tax breaks available; include flexibility where required; do not take unnecessary risk; focus on NET returns not costs; account for all fees

  Whether you have left Great Britain and wish to take advantage of benefits offered by transferring your UK pension offshore, via HMRC approved QROPS, or are simply enquiring to get more information on the subject, a key concern for a lot of people are the costs involved.   There are many important considerations to… Read more »

Swiss Third Pillar Pensions Guide

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Swiss 3rd pillar system

  Background The 3rd pillar, known as troisième pilier, was created in Switzerland after it became clear that people of retirement age were suffering a significant shortfall in their pension. In addition, Swiss authorities were also aware of the large tax burden that is present; especially for those with families thus creating a solution that… Read more »

Pension exodus following April rule changes?

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Pension April rule changes results

  Pension rule changes enacted in April were a huge change for the industry which, until then, focused on helping individuals accumulate wealth whilst they worked and then offered them an income for life, known as an annuity, upon retirement. Admittedly some individuals invested and withdrew income instead, though even in these circumstances there were… Read more »

Finding the best QROPS. Guernsey as a QROPS jurisdiction examined

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Isle of Man QROPS Jurisdiction incl rules and tax, main picture

  Selecting the best destination abroad to transfer any UK pensions to depends upon your specific situation. Questioning whether the location has all the requirements you desire whilst ensuring that it still adheres to QROPS legislation will quickly narrow your selection and, thereby, help you find the best QROPS provider. With this in mind, here… Read more »

Finding the best QROPS. Gibraltar as a QROPS jurisdiction examined

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Gibraltar QROPS Jurisdiction, which includes the rules and tax treatments, main picture

  For those considering a transfer of their UK pensions abroad they have a wide selection of Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) providers to choose from based in a range of jurisdictions. To enable you to select the best QROPS provider you should first determine the most appropriate QROPS jurisdiction according to your requirements…. Read more »

Finding the best QROPS. South Africa as a QROPS jurisdiction examined

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Article on South Africa as the best QROPS destination

  Most people considering transferring their UK pension to South Africa (SA) do so due to their intentions of retiring there. In these cases the transfer will involve using a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) since it is the only offshore option that is not liable for an unauthorised payments charge of up to… Read more »

QROPS vs SIPPs following pension rule changes

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QROPS versus SIPPs

Choosing a QROPS or SIPPs may at first appear a difficult decision especially following amended UK pension rules which came into force on the 6th of April 2015. This is not helped when there is a lot of conflicting and occasionally inaccurate information available. A key point to bear in mind is that any generalised… Read more »

Latest QROPS list is revised. Australia drops from top to bottom jurisdiction

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QROPS list - July 2015. Huge drop in Australia QROPS providers and Swiss

Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have released a heavily updated QROPS list following last month’s suspension. As highlighted at the time the list’s format has changed though the revisions centre around the layout and an extensive cull in the number of qualifying schemes rather than any fundamental alterations. The QROPS list therefore continues to… Read more »

HMRC QROPS list may be dangerous for your wealth

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Transferring a UK pension to a provider appearing on the HMRC QROPS list does not confirm you will not be penalised with a hefty tax charge

The HMRC Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) list is sometimes mistaken as a seal of approval that a listed pension plan meets all the rules required of it. This implies that it can accept UK pension transfers without a draconian penalty being applied. Furthermore, it can also be mistaken that a pension provider not… Read more »

Don’t fear HMRC’s QROPS list suspension

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HMRC lists suspension

  HMRC have confirmed that their ROPS list, previously QROPS list, is currently suspended having not been updated mid-month as expected. They have stated that a new one will be produced for the 1st of July.   This can be viewed as good news despite how it may first appear. The reasoning behind the mid… Read more »

How retirement planning makes you wealthier

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Best retirement planning feature pic

  The best financial management involves planning to ensure that your goals are achieved as efficiently as possible. Creating objectives and prioritising can allow you to amass sufficient funds to provide for a long and prosperous life in retirement. What follows is a guide of how you too can create the best opportunity for achieving… Read more »

What is an annuity and should you have one?

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Pensions, what is an annuity & how do annuities work

An annuity is a common form of pension investment for retirees. Below we will answer the following questions; What is an annuity? How do annuities work? What are annuity rates? What are annuities benefits and drawbacks? What are the common types of annuities? Alternative options MoreWhat is an annuity Annuities provide the holder a form… Read more »

Working abroad – the next steps…

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Link to downloadable guides - expat guide

Planning on moving abroad to work or have you already secured your ideal international job? Congratulations, you are now in what must be an exciting, possibly nervous time in your life. To help you on your journey, Liberty have produced a free expat guide which details useful information including points to remember when negotiating your… Read more »