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Portfolio Risk Management

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Risk management can help you create a successful investment portfolio by controlling the level of risk you take. It is possible to use different strategies to reduce or mitigate risk without necessarily impinging on your expected returns. Risk management definition The process of deducing the level of risk involved when making an investment decision. By… Read more »


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What is risk In financial terms, risk is the chance of partial or complete loss of wealth or wealth opportunities. Financial risk definition Risk is a combination of volatility and time i.e. for a given timescale what are the chances of an investment being worth more or less than the expected return? This can then… Read more »

Financial Terms Definitions

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Contents A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A Alternatives Annuity Asset B Bonds C Collective investments Commodities D Deflation Diversification Dividends Dollar cost averaging E Economic climate Euro cost averaging Expected return G Gilts H… Read more »

QROPS Rules and Regulations

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QROPS Rules - Retirement is not allowed before 55, no inheritance tax, death tax or income withdrawal limit so you have full flexibility

QROPS are mandated to follow HMRC rules & regulations. Failure to do so may result in the pension being delisted and losing any associated tax breaks. HMRC’s QROPS list has recently been amended to clarify that a pension scheme’s inclusion does not guarantee that it is qualified. According to the rules though, a QROPS scheme is under… Read more »

Retirement Planning

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Why retirement planning is important Previously, defined benefit pensions provided employees with a known income upon retirement. Unfortunately, they are now rarely available resulting in most people owning defined contribution pensions instead. The latter provide no such guarantees about the level of pension income you can expect. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that your savings… Read more »

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