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Investment options explained

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How to invest your money, whether in shares (stocks), bonds or another form, can be a daunting proposition. What follows is an in depth look at the investment process including: what is the difference between investing and saving, how do you go about investing, what options are available to invest into and what level of… Read more »


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What is risk In financial terms, risk is the chance of partial or complete loss of wealth or wealth opportunities. Financial risk definition Risk is a combination of volatility and time i.e. for a given timescale what are the chances of an investment being worth more or less than the expected return? This can then… Read more »

Understanding and Benefiting From Risk

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It is a common belief that many people fear the unknown, whether this is setting up your life in a new country, facing your first ever job interview, or, as a child, fearing potential monsters under the bed. Fear is an evolutionary constant in¬†mankind stemming from a survival instinct required to keep our race alive…. Read more »

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