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Finding the best QROPS. Guernsey as a QROPS jurisdiction examined

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Isle of Man QROPS Jurisdiction incl rules and tax, main picture

  Selecting the best destination abroad to transfer any UK pensions to depends upon your specific situation. Questioning whether the location has all the requirements you desire whilst ensuring that it still adheres to QROPS legislation will quickly narrow your selection and, thereby, help you find the best QROPS provider. With this in mind, here… Read more »

QROPS UK pension transfer mistakes

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QROPS can be beneficial in the correct circumstances though due to bad or mis-informed advice it is possible that they may end up being a costly mistake.   To ensure you are not on the end of a QROPS mis-selling scandal it is important to be fully informed. Take these steps to establish whether a… Read more »

QROPS pension transfers explained

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What follows is an explanation of the process involved when making a pension transfer from a UK scheme into a QROPS including; why transfer UK pensions abroad should you transfer options available pension transfer process Why transfer UK pensions abroad A QROPS pension scheme is subject to different rules and regulations compared with UK based pension plans. This… Read more »

Pensions explained

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What follows is a full explanation of pensions including; Definition of what a pension is United Kingdom options (defined benefit & defined contribution) Overseas options (including QROPS) Why pension transfers are used Pension benefits Pension drawbacks HMRC & the pension regulators’ involvement Rules and regulations Rule changes Pension reform Pensions and investments What is a pension A… Read more »

Pensions Made Easy

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Why does pension advice have to be complicated and boring? After all the majority of people would probably prefer simple, fun, easy to follow help, a pension guide for dummies if you will, over complex jargon filled information. Pensions and retirement planning are serious but by engaging you though a more down to earth viewpoint… Read more »

Pension Transfers Explained

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The sizeable pension transfer market exists as a result of competition. This multi trillion dollar industry serves to help individuals get the best deal for their needs. Although the majority of people leave their pension savings to languish in dormant pension schemes more are transferring to better options every year. Two Pension Options: Defined Benefit… Read more »

Final Salary (Defined Benefit) Pension Transfers

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When transferring a pension, whether domestic or overseas into a QROPS (Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme), International SIPPS (Self Invested Personal Pension Scheme) or similar, the goal is always to get a better deal. There are two types of pension scheme: defined benefit (final salary) and defined contribution (money purchase). Not all pension schemes are… Read more »

QROPS Pension Transfer Guide

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Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) are HMRC approved UK pensions based abroad. They are available to those who hold UK registered pensions but no longer reside in the United Kingdom, irrespective of their nationality. Why transfer your pensions abroad? QROPS advantages range from being liable for less tax to higher levels of security. Weighing these up… Read more »

Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) Explained

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QROPS Pension transfer

  QROPS pension transfers can allow you to benefit from holding a UK pension overseas. What follows is all you require to know about QROPS including; What QROPS are How is qualifying status achieved When they were introduced QROPS benefits QROPS potential drawbacks Why they differ to UK schemes QROPS vs SIPPs Rules and regulations… Read more »

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