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Swiss Third Pillar Pensions Guide

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Swiss 3rd pillar system

  Background The 3rd pillar, known as troisième pilier, was created in Switzerland after it became clear that people of retirement age were suffering a significant shortfall in their pension. In addition, Swiss authorities were also aware of the large tax burden that is present; especially for those with families thus creating a solution that… Read more »

Pension exodus following April rule changes?

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Pension April rule changes results

  Pension rule changes enacted in April were a huge change for the industry which, until then, focused on helping individuals accumulate wealth whilst they worked and then offered them an income for life, known as an annuity, upon retirement. Admittedly some individuals invested and withdrew income instead, though even in these circumstances there were… Read more »

How the Swiss pension system works

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Swiss 3rd pillar system

  The Swiss pension system is based around a three pillar system. This is similar to others throughout the world: the first pillar is a state backed pension designed to provide a minimum income; second pillars are occupational plans, and third pillars are private pension schemes. First Pillar (Premier Pilier) The Swiss Government has been… Read more »

What is an annuity and should you have one?

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Pensions, what is an annuity & how do annuities work

An annuity is a common form of pension investment for retirees. Below we will answer the following questions; What is an annuity? How do annuities work? What are annuity rates? What are annuities benefits and drawbacks? What are the common types of annuities? Alternative options MoreWhat is an annuity Annuities provide the holder a form… Read more »

Pensions explained

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What follows is a full explanation of pensions including; Definition of what a pension is United Kingdom options (defined benefit & defined contribution) Overseas options (including QROPS) Why pension transfers are used Pension benefits Pension drawbacks HMRC & the pension regulators’ involvement Rules and regulations Rule changes Pension reform Pensions and investments What is a pension A… Read more »

Retirement Planning

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Why retirement planning is important Previously, defined benefit pensions provided employees with a known income upon retirement. Unfortunately, they are now rarely available resulting in most people owning defined contribution pensions instead. The latter provide no such guarantees about the level of pension income you can expect. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that your savings… Read more »

Retirement Options Following New UK Pension Rules

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With the imminent arrival of new pension rules providing you with complete control over your pension pot, now may be the time to consider the main options available upon retirement. All have their advantages & disadvantages. Annuities These financial products are designed to provide a guaranteed income for the rest of your life in exchange… Read more »

Investing for Retirement

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The most common method of saving for retirement is through a pension scheme. The two main types are defined benefit (final salary) and defined contribution (money purchase) pensions though only the latter is dependent upon investment returns to provide an income. How to invest money It is important to save tax efficiently. This will give you… Read more »

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