Children Education Planning

University education - it can add up


At Liberty Wealth we aim to give you entire peace of mind, knowing that you have planned and implemented structured savings on your children’s behalf.

Let’s consider a simple example

Typical annual fees for an international student++++++++EUR 10,000

A living allowance of EUR 1,000 per month++++++++++: EUR 12,000

A four year course+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ EUR 88,000

3 children++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++EUR 264,000

Inflation adjusted at 3% pa 15 years into the future           EUR 411,303


If this simple calculation worries you, we are here to help

We will help you consider all aspects of their likely educational needs and will work with you to calculate a realistic objective. Importantly, we will then help you find and implement the perfect solution, enabling you to meet this goal.

Finally, we will work with you over time to make sure your investments grow and you reach  your set target.

Let us show you how to effectively grow your wealth