Lump Sum Investments

Individually tailored investments strategies

We follow a strict protocol when finding the correct approach

Strategic investment advice is our core competency

However, we never forget that we are working for you and handling your wealth. With this in mind, we will consult you at every stage to ensure that the correct investment strategy is employed, given your specific circumstances and requirements.



5 step investment process

Design Phase + Risk Analysis

We need to understand your exact requirements in key areas such as…

  • your investment experience
  • the investment time horizon
  • the level of liquidity required
  • how much flexibility you require
  • which currency options you prefer
  • your aversion or appetite for risk
  • any specific areas of interest
  • your expectations for growth


Research Phase

We will conduct thorough research into all of the options available to you

Our aim is to provide you with a tailor made investment solution, which fits all of your specified criteria.


Discussion Phase

Now that a solution has been identified, let us guide you through it

Our peace of mind rests with knowing you are entirely satisfied with the solution that we have presented.


Implementation Phase

Now that we have an investment strategy in place, let’s bring it to life

We will now walk you through the entire investment process, including full support with all administrative elements.


Growth Phase

On going management to help your wealth grow

In a changing world it is essential to have full transparency of any investment strategy. We commit to a regular review cycle to ensure your portfolio is always in-line with market movements, economic developments and your own changing circumstances.

Let us show you how to effectively grow your wealth