Regular Savings

Are your savings working as hard as they could be?

Let us show you how to effectively grow your wealth

At Liberty Wealth we understand the challenge and frustration faced in an environment where bank interest rates are at all time lows.

See the difference real investment growth can make

Compare the difference between saving EUR 1,000 per month in a bank account and receiving 1% per annum in interest against our compelling investment strategies.


3 steps of regular savings process

Help us understand what you need

Tell us why you’re saving, over what timeframe, if you’d like to invest or not, how much flexibility and liquidity you need and more…


Then let us do the work for you

We will take the time to find the correct solution for you

No matter the requirements you have let us find the solution that fits.


Now, we’ll provide on-going service

We work with all of our clients on a continued basis

By constantly monitoring growth and reviewing your account with you, we will help ensure that your savings are always aligned to the current economic climate and your changing circumstances.

Let us show you how to effectively grow your wealth