Swiss Pension Transfers

Leaving Switzerland?

You could save up to 5% when cashing-in or transferring out your pension capital

It is a little known fact that you have the option of how and where to transfer your second pillar pension capital when you leave Switzerland

It is also possible to withdraw your pension in cash when you leave. At Liberty Wealth we can help you understand all of the options available and also explain which route is the most cost effective from a tax perspective.


3 steps of pension transferring process

Let us review and explain

The financial benefits of transferring out via lower taxed cantons

We will look at what your pension capital is made up of in Switzerland, where it is and how it’s structured.

Then, by considering your future plans and your ongoing requirements we will be able to make a recommendation of how best to transfer-out or cash-in your pension.

We’ll help with the paperwork

We’ll walk you through the whole transfer or cashing-in process

Depending on how and to where you are transferring your pension or if you would like to cash it in we will help with all of the paperwork involved.

If you intend to move your pension capital into another pension/ investment structure we can also help with the investment advice.

If you continue to invest your pension

We’ll provide advice and help with on-going support

At Liberty Wealth our main area of expertise is in wealth management and investment advice. If you wish to continue investing your Swiss pension capital then we can advise on the options available.

Also, we’ll provide on-going support to ensure that your capital grows in-line with your future circumstances and requirements.

Let us show you how to effectively grow your wealth