Swiss Property

Buying a Swiss property?

Let us take the confusion out of the Swiss mortgage market

Working with the major banks and insurance companies…

…we will look to find financing solutions to meet your specific needs

At Liberty Wealth we’ll help you understand the entire buying and financing process involved when purchasing a property in Switzerland…..and we promise to do this in plain English.


With our help, you will understand…

What you can afford to buy

Let us explain…

By looking at your personal financial situation we can explain what the banks will lend

The buying process simplified

Let us explain…

  • How to buy
  • What you’re signing
  • The potential tax implications
  • Who will loan you the money
  • The fees involved
  • The rates available and more

…all explained in one place, at one time

Sharpest available rates

Allow us to approach the banks on your behalf

We will save you the time and effort of approaching individual banks by yourself. Allow us to do the work for you and we will discover who will lend to you and at what rate. We then let you make the decision.

Let us show you how to effectively grow your wealth