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Below are some of the more commonly asked questions that we receive on a daily basis. However, if you have a more specific enquiry please let us know.


At Liberty Wealth we have the luxury of being independent. We work with a large number of financial providers in order to have the largest choice of financial products. As we are not limited to one provider we believe that this choice is what makes us stand out.

Liberty Wealth act as an intermediary and never handle your money directly. Instead, we simply advise on the best financial providers and products for your given situation. You then have a direct relationship with the provider in question. Security is critical to our on-going success and this is the reason that we typically only work with and promote the worlds most secure institutions.

Absolutely, we work with clients from all around the world on an ongoing basis. As our clients tend to be international workers we understand that there is the likelihood that your future could lie in far flung places. To this end, we make our office locations the hubs from which to service all of our clients. No matter where your future lies we will always be at the end of a personal telephone line or email address.

We are paid indirectly from our partnering financial product providers. We will always explain clearly the fees that any product has. You simply need to know that we are paid a percentage of these inherent fees. However, as our partners typically pay us flat fees you can be assured that we work on a completely unbiased basis, enabling us to provide you with best advice at all times.

Please simply complete the initial contact form with your details and explain how you believe we can help and an advisor will be in touch at your earliest convenience.

Yes. Our investment solutions are tailored to your exact requirements and one of our key criteria when working with someone is in finding out their attitude to risk. This can range from absolute aversion to risk to having a healthy appetite for growth. In either circumstance and all the way across the board we can help find the correct solution for you.

Nothing changes. We spend time and effort at the outset of every client relationship to ensure that we understand their exact requirements. We then help on an ongoing basis to make sure that all products put in place continue to work as desired. We always provide you a singular point of contact and should you move country that will never change. In a technology led world we are always at the end of a personal telephone line or email address.

Liberty Wealth is a completely unbiased advisory company and all of our advisors are remunerated on a flat fee basis, ensuring that there is no incentive to promote certain products over others. We also have mutually beneficial business terms with our product providers, meaning that we will continue to grow only as long as you are entirely happy with the products, advice and service provided to you.

It’s up to you. At Liberty Wealth our main area of expertise is investment advice. We are entirely confident that we can bring ongoing added value to any investment strategy that we help you implement. However, if you would simply like us to find you the perfect investment vehicle from which you can make your own investment decisions then we are very happy to take a back seat. Ultimately, we can provide as little or much advice and support as you require.

Yes. All of our business is conducted on a personal basis and we pride ourselves on providing personal points of contact. Your advisor will always be at the end of a telephone or email should you require assistance of any type.

Yes. We adhere to the strictest of guidelines when it comes to protecting your information and are very happy to confirm that we never pass any of your details to third parties without your consent.

Please see Liberty Wealth’s privacy policy.